Free Business Coaching

 The OCCA has 3 phases of membership. All phases of membership are free, and each phase helps you move through our program as you acquire business skills and work with your coach. More information is below:

First Phase Membership

Child care business owners who have not previously taken a business course are invited to join this first phase, and those who have already taken a business course are invited to enter the second phase.  Your coach will help assess whether it is best for you to join at Phase 1 or Phase 2 when you start.

When you become an Alliance member in Phase 1, you will join a group of likeminded child care business owners in your area, meeting to get support and focus on issues that matter to you: preparing for taxes, increasing teacher compensation, expanding a business, or creating a comprehensive marketing plan.

Cohorts meet once per month over zoom and the cohort is lead by your OCCA business coach. Cohorts in this first phase will take business trainings that will count toward ORO credit hours.  On occasion, you will also be invited to In-person events. Cohorts and coaching are available in both English and Spanish.

Why Business Coaching?

The OCCA understands the issues and challenges child care businesses face in today’s world. Unlike other groups that help small businesses, we have the industry-specific expertise and shared commitment to the success of child care.

Our business coaches work at your local Child Care Resource and Referral Agency (CCR&R). So these services will be provided through your local CCR&R.

Coaching is open to child care providers of all size and levels. Whether you are new to running a business, want help getting organized, learning to use a computer, or need to hire teachers, we can help!

Second and Third Phase Membership

Once you have have had time to meet with your coach and attend some of our business trainings, your coach will invite you to move to phase 2 and gain access to free Child Care Management Software to better manage your business.  The OCCA offers 2 years free management software.    

After those 2 years, you will be considered a graduate of our program and will become Phase 3 member. Third Phase members can still access several OCCA benefits, including appointments with their business coach, free access to our Canopy Wellness mental health service, 30 min free legal advice per year, and other discounts.  Third Phase members will no longer get free business software, but can continue to use the software on their own for a fee if they want.  (Please talk with your coach for current rates). 

Membership in the OCCA at all levels is free.

Free Childcare Management Software

When you join the Oregon Child Care Alliance, you will gain access to free tools and resources to run your business, including a free 2 year subscription to business software. The OCCA provides training and support in using the software every step of the way. This business management software lets you:

    • Build and create your own website
    • Communicate with parents quickly and safely through the app
    • Parents can sign their child in and out through their mobile device
    • Bill parents online and set up automatic billing
    • Track income and expenses and Prepare for taxes
    • Get 1 year free early learning curriculum! (ask your coach for more details)

This software is available in both English and Spanish.

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